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Nocturne Alchemy: Perfume Oil Set I


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That which is imagined can never be lost.” Clive Barker, Weaveworld

I imagine the sense of smell in my head, walking down a path in London or in a desert in Egypt; scent takes me to places I’ve been and places I’ve never been.  I look at perfume as a book waiting to be read, waiting to exhume over time on the skin allowing each note to read like a new chapter telling its tale to us in a secret language with no words.

When the Books of Blood were released, I was one of the first to acquire them at the local book shop and I remember tearing through the pages before I had even stepped out of the store.  Book after book, film, poetry, prose and hidden meanings within…Clive Barker has always been an inspiration.

With this set of perfume, each perfume is based on a piece of his art and each perfume has a story within it that told its tale to me by staring into that palette of an abyss until notes formed in my mind and the notes became parts of a great perfume and ultimately this set was born.

If words are stories that have a greater meaning, then scent is a story waiting to be worn and the words are blends of notes that lift toward the wearer and are inhaled until we arrive at the places we’ve been and the places we’ve never been.

Using beautiful perfume notes found all over the world, decades of perfume knowledge and a great fan of Clive Barker and his art; this is my testament to art and scent and the interpretation and imagination in between.

– Emerson Hart (Nocturne Alchemy Studio, San Francisco, CA)

This set of perfumes consists of 7 x 5ml bottles of perfume oils, created by Nocturne Alchemy – Perfume Oil Alchemists creating and blending imported Egyptian Perfume Oils. Each of the 7 perfume oils are inspired by, and named after, a piece of Clive Barker art;

  • The Fourth Power:  Indian Oudh, Black Patchouli, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Rock Rose, Frankincense and Cedar.
  • Sarcophagus: Deep Red Musk, Amber Resin, Amber Musk, Black Sandalwood.
  • A Tree Full of Sky: White Amber Essence, Vanilla Bean, White Cedar and White Sandalwood.
  • Blue Vision: Sky Amber, Incense Accord and Egyptian Musk.
  • Upside Down Tarrie Cat: Vanilla, Kobalt Vanilla Orchid, Cream Soda accord, Black Tea, Bergamot, Vetiver-Amber.
  • Pharaoh Cat: Nag Champa accord, Vanilla Essence, Egyptian Musk, White Amber, Black Amber.
  • Princess Breath: Black Honey Accord, Red Egyptian Musk, White Amber.

Each set comes with a signed certificate by Clive Barker and Emerson Hart.

Exclusive to the Real Clive Barker store and limited in set numbers

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